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Our Portfolio - Excel Processor

Excel Processor

This application was designed and developed for an american marketing company. It allows bulk manipulations to Excel files (.xls) including field shuffling, new fields addition, date stamp placement, addition of fields holding custom text values. And all this is done using a clean and intuitive UI.

What we have done

On home screen users can see a demo video explaining a simple process of choosing an Excel file to be processed, then choose a file and proceed.
After Excel file is submitted, it is processed and UI appears for user to be able to manipulate Excel file fields. User is able to change the order of fields, break a single field to parts, add several constant fields.
In case some of the functionality is not clear on each step there are demo how to videos provided at the top of the page for users to see how every piece of functionality works.
After all the necessary fields were selected user hits the complete button and generated excel download page where user can download the generated .xls file and go to manage another file.