Lines of code written

Our Portfolio - YoungFounders


The project is based on CakePHP framework and MySQL.

People who want to start business can find co-founders or partners with special skills.


The website is create for two users with following functions;

1. Administrator

- Manage user accounts, give moderator, activate/delete accounts

- Edit jobs, partners, videos, books, events, news, Subscribers, Forum Categories and Banned Users.

- Create videos, books, events (with maximum attendance limitation, registration fee and other details), partners events,  news and forum categories

2. User

- Ban user, edit and delete posts

- Send/receive messages

- Create Forum topics, Post startup jobs giving availability per week


Not registered user can also subscribe to the website and follow via facebook and twitter.

What we have done

Shoutbox is a place where users can communicate fast and see latest chats.
Created forum where users can add, search topics and edit posts.
Event section shows info about place, date, time and max attendees of the event. Users Can see the number of attendees, read more about event and register. The events are marked as booked out if max attendees are reached.