Lines of code written

Our Portfolio - What-Song


The project is based on Zend framework.

It has contribution system where registered users can add movies and songs.




- The website has two users: administrator and general user. But the user privileges vary according to their contribution points. Contribution points are gained by adding a movie, songs and scene.
- The user can login with username/password, with Facebook and with Rdio.
- Simple search system finds movies and artists.
- Users can also browse movies by alphabetic letters
- The Popular section will bring top songs, movies and users.

What we have done

The Points & Privileges system used to differentiate user limitations by their points earned.
There is a review system where all registered users can give reviews to the movie soundtrack.
The movie soundtracks can be played and downloaded via iTunes or Amazon.
In Trailers section the movie trailer is shown with the songs in it. And again, songs can be played, and downloaded.
Users can leave comments, share them and attach a photo to the discussion.
The users can request movies that are not available in the database.