Lines of code written

Our Portfolio - UrbanBeauty


Companies offering barbers, hair stylists, beauty supply owners, dermatologists, estheticians, fitness/wellness professionals, and cosmetology can register their profiles.

The project is based on famous CakePHP framework and MySQL. 

The website is created for two users: administrator and other users who can create their profiles, companies and leave comments.


The website has following functions developed:

1.Sign up and Log in
2.Refine search by location, service type, date, time and name.
3.Calendar system
4.Booking, Cancellation, re-booking
5.Client Tracking
6.E-mail sending
7.Social Media Connecting system
8.Automatic Email & SMS Text Reminders
9.Rating and review system

What we have done

The Users can create event which will have description, date, time and contact information. The location map will show the event place.
In Company profile info, services, rating and reviews are shown. Users can also add videos to their profiles.