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Our Portfolio - The Buyers' BASE

The Buyers' BASE

The Buyer's Base helps media buyers sort through the messy seller universe to enable smart buying decisions.

The project is based on CakePHP framework and MySQL.

The website has forum section where buyers can have discussions anonymously. Sellers cannot access the forum and other seller profiles.

Sellers only have access to their own profiles and sales collateral.

In addition to employer email verification, Buyer's Base administrators individually approve every membership request, confirming that all members are media buyers.

The news section is generated from RSS. Users can add keyword to customize news feed which will be saved for the next time to view the news feed.

The website has two user types: buyer and seller. It has also admin panel which can edit user information, topics, followers and other information in the website.

The website has the following main features developed: 

- Sign Up/Sign In
- Messaging with the option of allowing users just one subsequent reply for every message
- Add, edit/delete jobs
- Ask questions: the website forum gives you opportunity to anonymously ask buyers questions about sellers, accounts, agencies, events, brands and parent companies.
- Follow/Unfollow users
- Customize news feed with pulling news about specific accounts, agencies, or partners with keyword filtering.
- Receive notifications
- Search for Sellers, Brands, Partners, Industries, or Documents.

What we have done

In a feed section we have simple search. Besides, the results can be filtered accordingly.
The notification system will inform about latest responds .
Users can also follow people, partners and documents. Search and sort function is very straightforward here for bigger list of followers/following.
Users can ask the buyers’ base a question with an option to add a tag to it. They can search the forum for a topic or just scroll over the existing posts.
Users can add a job by filling few fields and giving description/details to the job. We have developed filter to make easy coordinate in case of large number of jobs. The jobs can be filtered by the level and the status of the job.
We developed an excellent messaging system where users can reply, make trash or report the received messages. And, of course, they can send new messages, search and sort messages.
News feed can be customized. Users can also search by keywords, and the last search results will be checked until the user won’t deselect them.