Lines of code written

Our Portfolio - Texty


Texty is one, of our biggest projects we have worked with.

The project is based on famous Yii framework and MySQL.

Responsive layout, the strict and minimalist design of the site allows users to use the site everywhere and easily.


By signing up user receives  a unique number(VPN),  which will be used as a main number.

The most important part is a messaging system, which is very easy to use. User see sent and received messages in one conversation.

Contacts' list allows users to save important numbers in phonebook. With search field user can search contacts by almost all parameters.

The system allows users to type numbers in national format which will be automatically converted to international.

The website has following two types of users with following functionalities:

1. Administrator

- Find users with advanced search option

- Suspend, view or delete user

- View user analytics

- Update user account

- Configure number format, Message size, homepage text, Email message to send to user on negative account balance, Bulk Send SMS start/end, inbox type allowed and virtual phone number costs.

- Manage articles of the website

2. User

- Sign up/ Sign In

- Send single, group or bulk messages.

- Add groups and Contacts which will allow them to save time and not type all numbers manually

- Search in inbox, contacts, groups

- Set Auto Responder and Sound Control

What we have done

We created SMS input form, where user shall add valid phone number, up to 136 characters message. User can also add First Name, Last Name and three info of recipient to the message box.
BulkSendSMS allows you to send messages quickly to large numbers of people. Also we have created functionality for resuming and pausing bulk sending process. Downloadable template helps users better orient for data input.
One of the most important part is auto responder function. The auto responder notifies that the message is sent but the user is not available. Sound control function allows users to manage the message arriving sound notification.