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Our Portfolio - SpeedTest


Internet connection speed testing engine developed using advanced JavaScript, no flash player is required for this application to work. Tech lowers multilingual portal.

What we have done

Speedtest allows users to check their internet connection speed without running any Flash application, its engine is fully written in javascript.
Once a check is completed you can see your internet connection speed along with useful data concerning time to download e.g. an average mp3 song.
Speedtest allows users to not only test the download speed of their connection, but also their upload speed and a ping result made from our server to their own computer.
You can play one of games that are categorized and described so user knows what he/she is playing.
You can read interesting and fresh IT related news in site's news section.
There is a section called services that is made so IT related companies can have their own page inside the site, that are then categorized to help users browse the companies easier.