Lines of code written

Our Portfolio - KikaWATT


The project is based on Codeigniter framework.

The website has responsive design and can be also contributed to mobile users.

Users can add different types of rooms and electrical devices they may have in their rooms.

Efficiency boosters can be applied to rooms to lower the monthly bill and to increase energy usage.

The website has following functions developed:

- Sign Up
- Customized graphical illustration for the used energy
- Comparison of estimated monthly bills and new monthly bills
- Sharing, messaging and printing monthly bill results.

What we have done

The add new room pop up brings a room selection slider.
Add device pop up shows the device categories to add in a particular room. Also it has a part where device is suggested depending on room type.
We created graphical illustration of energy used which can be shown by cost, by energy and by hourly. The time period is also customized and graph can be shown in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The device type is displayed when hovering over the graph colors .
We also made pie charts showing rooms by hours used and categories by hours used.
Room Summary part shows the estimated monthly bill and how much the new monthly bill will be depending on efficiency boosters selected.