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Our Portfolio - Jigsaw Learning

Jigsaw Learning

The project is based on CakePHP framework and MySQL.

Website administrator can create teacher, admin, leader and staff accounts. Certain users can add students, meeting records, add documents and print student information.


The website is create for the following users with their specific functionalities;


- Super-admin
  • Can manage school accounts
  • Can edit, suspend or delete school accounts.
  • Can give account status (Good, Payment Pending, Account Suspended)


- Admin
  • Create new students by feeling profile fields or uploading excel file with a list of students.
  • Add new users and edit existing users
  • Manage meeting Records


- Leader
  • Edit existing students
  • Manage meeting Records


- Teacher
  • Manage meeting Records


- Staff
  • Search, read and print PDF meeting records

What we have done

Only super admin can manage school accounts and their statuses.
Admin user can edit other user’s privileges.
Pop-up window for excel file upload.
In Student edit section users can add a meeting record in chosen date and add documents which will appear in chronological order. Print PDF button will generate PDF file congaing all student information.