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Our Portfolio - Great Lakes of the South

Great Lakes of the South

The main feature of the project is that it has large list of lakes in footer which open to new website with similar design but different URL and content. All websites are managed from a single admin panel.

This project is based on our own OOP and MVC framework called Slash (http://slashframework.com) and MySQL.

The website is built using advanced and smart caching system (custom built) . The other reason which makes the website fast ( near 200 ms to open a page ) is to have single administrator. When admin edit an info it is being updated in a specific page. Besides information admin also can change the design of child websites.

Because the website has no database , it can load pages even faster (All the required data is added to caching system from admin panel , so no DB requests being made).

Users can sign up/log in to add real estate and vacation rental listings near lakes.

The design of the website is simple and users can easily find lakes in the footer part.

What we have done

The website has extensive footer part which contains links to separate websites managed by single administration.
The website has simple search system and links to Facebook, RSS and Twitter.
Some websites have contact form addressing sponsors or service providers.