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Our Portfolio - Doctors


The website brings together doctors and other people who share same interests. The pharmaceutical companies, public and private healthcare organizations, recruitment companies as well as non-health related companies can work with this website.

The website has associations which are similar to Facebook groups. Users can subscribe to these associations, have discussions and other actions. We created two levels of administrators:

1. One level admin manages association. Each association has its own administrator. The association administrators are chosen by top admin.

2. Top admin is responsible for the whole website and all associations. Admin can manage users, jobs, membership, market, ads, news, associations, journals, events, forum, states, schools, seniority, specialty and hospitals. Simple search function is also available for admin panel.

Other users have following functions:

- Sign Up/Sign In
- Advanced messaging system which includes text editor and a feature by which users can send external message to other users’ e-mail address.
- News, Forum, Marketplace, journal, jobs, events, courses and associations attributes with simple search options.

We also used automatic generator for News feed and Journal generation. It allows to extract latest news and journals automatically from other webpages .

The project is based on CakePHP framework and MySQL. The website forum is created by phpBB framework.

The website has user friendly interface and users can easily navigate through various functions.

What we have done

Users can sign up to the website either filling the personal information or connecting via Facebook or Linkedin.
News section can be customized by most popular, most discussed, news from the last 7 days and latest headlines. Users can also have quick search option in the news section.
Users can view marketplaces selecting categories. They can also post to the marketplace choosing category field.
In Journals section the journals are ordered by their categories. Users can search in journals having both ordinary and advanced search options.
In the jobs section refine search system allows users to search jobs by keyword, location, seniority of the job, specialty group, employment type and the job type.
In the events and courses section we developed calendar where user can choose date and see the events and courses on that particular date.