Lines of code written

Our Portfolio - Bookivi


Bookivi is a project, on which we worked to help users to find the right services that they need and let them provide their own services. The website is connected with almost all famous networks, which makes site more available and popular.
The project is based on CakePHP framework and MySQL.
Responsive layout of the site allows users to be connected with almost all devices. We made our project not only easy to use and beautiful, but also very functional.

The website has some general functionalities, which are very important for users.

They are:

-Calendar/ Availability checking system
-Inviting system
-Rating and Feedback system
-Complete user profile system
-Reporting system

What we have done

Users are able to sign up/sign in using mail or Facebook account.
We have created simple search system, where user can search services by Location, Date or Category.
If user doesn't find needed information, we developed for him/her advanced search, where user can do searching by various parameters.